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Who am I?

I’m not sure where I’m from or where I’m going. Those two things have pretty much defined most of my being. I’ve moved so much in my life that in many ways I’ve lost my identity.  I’ve been searching for my identity for along as I can remember. First as a child in the form of writing in my journal, which quite literally, saved my life. Then in acting, I thought that if I became a famous actress people would love me and that I would finally find myself. I’ve split my life between Europe and the USA.  I have several different cultural identities and according to 23 & Me I’m split up into almost every possible ethnical group. So what am I? I don’t know. In a world full of immigrants, what are any of us? But a mix of everything.  Rather, what I can tell you is what I do.

I’m a filmmaking.

I have written, directed and produced short films and promos films for various clients and have won several awards.

 I'm a founder.

I started Female Voices Rock at the end of 2018 with the mission of putting a spotlight on women creatives.

Since then it has grown into a film festival and collective made up of artists, visionaries and rebels.

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